5 Tips For Content Creators To Turn Their Side Hustles Into Full-Time Work

  • By Fanbase User
  • July 8 2024 · 3 min read

Your “Content creation” covers a lot of ground. If you’ve been diving into making your own social media posts, blogs, or podcasts, you might be considering taking it to the next level professionally. Maybe you’ve seen others with less impressive content landing lucrative ad deals and thought, “That could be me!” Here are some tips to help you get there.

1. Develop Your Skillset

Before making content creation your career, ensure your content stands out. It’s a competitive field, with millions of reels posted daily on Instagram, and users only spend about 30 minutes per session. Identify the skills you need to succeed, and work on them. This might mean taking a video editing class, improving your writing, or investing in better audio equipment. Don’t quit your day job until you’re ready, as finding new employment in today’s economy can be challenging.

2. Prioritize

Balancing multiple projects is crucial if you’re juggling a full-time job and content creation. Prioritize your tasks to stay on track.

Additionally, clarify your goals. What do you want from a full-time content creation career? It can be enjoyable, but it’s not always lucrative. Despite the glamorous lifestyle portrayed by influencers, the average content creator earned $42,000 in 2022. Decide what’s more important to you right now: time or income. If you’re looking for something casual, focus on work that feels easy and fun. If you aim to earn more, research what’s in demand and build those skills.

3. Consider Traditional Jobs

You can be a content creator within a 9-5 job. Traditional employment might offer more flexibility and a broader platform than freelancing. Many companies now hire full-time content creators to boost their brands. Some of the highest-paid creators work for large companies, enjoying full creative expression while reaching a wider audience through the brand’s channels. Don’t dismiss traditional jobs—they come with benefits like a 401k.

4. Market Yourself

Whether you want a traditional job or freelance, success as a content creator hinges on effective marketing. Craft a compelling story about yourself. Research how others in your field present themselves. Check out LinkedIn profiles, websites, and online portfolios of creators you admire. Talk to other content creators about their journey. Plan how to market your talents before committing to full-time content creation.

5. Enjoy It

Don’t overlook the creative fulfillment of content creation. It’s a way for freelancers to express themselves fully, owning their projects without the constraints of a large team. Enjoy the process!

Having a unique voice is crucial in an era of AI-generated content. Whether or not you make content creation your full-time job, take pride in your ability to share your authentic self with the world.


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