Wall of Productions aims to fill the creator economy gap that traditional production businesses can’t

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  • March 1 2024 · 2 min read


Wall of Productions aims to fill the creator economy gap that traditional production businesses can’t

The creator economy faces challenges such as reduced influence, declining ad revenue, and changes in algorithms. Marketers are concerned about its future. Wall of Productions aims to ease these concerns by helping marketers create engaging content similar to that of popular creators. Founded by actors Percelle Ascott and Joivan Wade, the agency has a proven track record with brands like Boohoo Man, Ann Summers, and McDonald’s. Originally an online comedy network, Wall of Productions now operates as part of a broader marketing services business alongside Wall of Comedy and Wall of Talent. It specializes in creating branded content that resonates with audiences across various platforms, emphasizing creativity and brand ethos over traditional advertising methods. Despite being relatively small, the company has experienced significant growth during the pandemic. It focuses on developing talent and promoting content through its sister brands. Wall of Productions adapts its content strategy to accommodate changes on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, ensuring engagement and relevance across multiple channels. By prioritizing versatile ideas and leveraging in-house resources, it delivers targeted branded content campaigns for clients, optimizing production efficiency and maximizing impact. Continuous feedback and adaptation drive the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality content tailored to diverse audience preferences.


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