Roundtable Discussion: The Impact and Future of Fanbase

  • By Fanbase User
  • May 3 2024 · 2 min read

In a recent investor roundtable, Fanbase founder and CEO, Isaac Hayes III, gathered with diverse investors to discuss the platform’s evolution and the impact of their contributions. Among the participants were early adopters like Donald Jones, who first discovered Fanbase on the Roland Martin show, and others motivated by the platform’s innovative approach to monetizing content through social subscriptions.

Isaac Hayes III shared the origins of Fanbase, inspired by the direct monetization potential for creators, a concept he envisioned while watching a viral dancing Spider-Man video. This led to the launch of Fanbase in late 2018, a platform that allows creators to earn through social subscriptions, akin to Netflix but for individual content creators.

The discussion also covered the strategic decisions that propelled Fanbase’s growth from a self-funded startup to a robust platform empowered by equity crowdfunding, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The investors, including Eric Marjette and Dwayne Long, expressed their appreciation for the community-focused features of Fanbase, such as the ‘rooms’ that allow interaction without the pressure of being on camera.

The roundtable highlighted the satisfaction among investors with the platform’s continuous development, community engagement, and the addition of new features that support small artists and new content creation. Isaac Hayes emphasized how equity crowdfunding during the pandemic played a crucial role in scaling Fanbase quickly.

This insightful discussion not only showcased the technological innovations of Fanbase but also emphasized the strong community bond and investor satisfaction with the platform’s trajectory. As Fanbase continues to evolve, it remains a prime example of how social platforms can empower creators and engage communities effectively.


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