Creator Economy in 3D: The platform’s place in a shifting media landscape Consumers and social media

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  • March 1 2024 · 3 min read



The Creator Economy in 3D delves into the evolving media landscape driven by consumers and social media. With platforms at the forefront of a $250 billion revenue opportunity, understanding shifting consumer preferences is vital for platforms to foster a lucrative environment for creators and brands.

Consumer Preferences Trending Towards Long-Form Entertainment on Social Platforms: Consumers increasingly turn to social media for entertainment, favoring short to mid-length videos. However, there’s a rising desire, especially among younger generations, for longer-form content, hinting at social media’s potential to rival traditional media sources.

Platforms: Maintain short-form content while ramping up the availability of longer-form content: Platforms should cater to varying content lengths to appeal to broader audiences, providing creators with tools and incentives for producing longer videos alongside shorter ones.

Consumers’ Rising Preference for Platform Communities Provides Compounding Benefits: Communities on platforms deepen consumer engagement and benefit creators, with younger generations prioritizing platforms for community connection. Strengthening user communities enhances overall platform appeal and facilitates deeper creator engagement.

Platforms: Lean into user communities to strengthen the overall appeal of your platform: Platforms should nurture and integrate communities within their ecosystem, providing easy access for users based on their interests.

Content Management and Analytics Dominate Top Creator Platform Priorities: Creators prioritize content management and analytics tools for their platform experience, while networking opportunities hold particular appeal for newer creators.

Platforms: Content management tools provide the widest draw, but networking opportunities have stronger pull for new and emerging creators: Platforms must offer robust content management tools and facilitate creator networking to cater to creators’ evolving needs at different stages of their careers.

Brands Look to Platforms for Brand Safety, Creator Availability, and Audience Alignment: High-ROI brands prioritize brand safety and creator availability, emphasizing the importance of platforms in maintaining a safe environment and ensuring a diverse range of creators.

Closing thoughts: The evolving social media frontier: Platforms should adapt to consumer trends for longer-form content and foster platform communities to enhance overall appeal. By providing tools, support, and safe environments, platforms can nurture thriving communities for creators, brands, and consumers alike.


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