7 Effective Strategies to Grow Your Fanbase Following (and your money).

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  • July 3 2023 · 4 min read


T7 Effective Strategies to Grow Your Social Media Presence

As Fanbase continues to evolve, building a strong presence has become increasingly important for content creators and businesses alike. If you’re looking to enhance your social media growth, here are seven proven strategies that will  help you achieve more engagement and more importantly, MORE LOVES. Remember, while not every tip may be applicable to your specific situation, incorporating these practices can undoubtedly accelerate your success.

  1. Create more, consume less: Engaging with content is essential, but don’t let it overshadow your own creativity. Instead, use the content you consume as inspiration for your own videos. Analyze why certain videos captured your attention—was it the editing, the hook, or something else? By understanding what works, you can integrate those elements into your own content and captivate your audience.
  2. Consistency is key, but intentional content is vital: You’ve likely heard it before, but consistency remains a fundamental principle. However, it’s equally important to produce intentional content. Over the past 90 days, I posted 78 pieces of content, each with the primary goal of providing value to my audience. By establishing a posting schedule and adhering to it, you build trust and reliability with your followers. Moreover, ensure that every post delivers value, whether it’s informative, entertaining, or inspiring.
  3. Value-driven content: Craft content that offers value to your audience, helping them understand why they should follow you. Consider sharing tech reviews, gear recommendations, useful resources, tutorials, creator tips, Q&A sessions, personal stories of overcoming challenges, or lessons you wish you had known earlier. By consistently delivering valuable and shareable content, you cultivate an engaged and loyal community.
  4. Embrace your unique brand: In a sea of creators, it’s crucial to stand out. Remember that you are the brand. While there will always be creators with more followers or greater reach, your unique perspective, interests, and opinions are what set you apart. Embrace your individuality and infuse it into your content. Let your audience connect with the authentic and genuine aspects of your personality, making your content relatable and memorable.
  5. Create a content schedule and batch shoot: To streamline your content creation process, develop a schedule that aligns with your availability and goals. Breaking down the process into four steps—research, filming, editing, and publishing—allows for better time management. If you have limited time, allocate specific days for each step throughout the week. By batching your shoots, you can efficiently produce multiple pieces of content in a single session, ensuring a consistent flow of posts.
  6. Remove inactive or bot followers: In the past, some creators resorted to purchasing or artificially inflating their follower count. However, those practices are no longer effective and can harm your account’s reputation. Bots = no money, an inflated or inactive following will hinder your credibility. Regularly audit your followers and remove inactive or bot accounts. Focus on cultivating genuine engagement rather than chasing vanity metrics.
  7. Seek continuous learning and improvement: Growing your social media presence is an ongoing process. Stay open to learning, experimenting with new strategies, and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape. Stay updated on platform trends, engage with your audience, and seek feedback to refine your content. Embrace a growth mindset, always striving for improvement and innovation.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly enhance your social media growth and build a dedicated community of followers. Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight. Stay committed, be patient, and enjoy the journey of becoming a successful content creator.

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