Black Creator’s Report

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  • February 16 2024 · 2 min read

The Black Creator Impact report delves into the influential role Black individuals play in shaping digital culture and trends through social media. Young Black adults notably surpass the broader U.S. population in their engagement with brands on social platforms, showcasing their unique value as creators and consumers. Nielsen’s collaboration with Group Black highlights the potential for brands to forge authentic connections with Black communities by investing in Black creators, who consistently drive cultural influence.

What are Report Requirements?

Despite their significant impact, Black creators often face compensation rates trailing market norms by up to 35%. However, Nielsen’s data underscores the tangible benefits of aligning with Black creators, as even a slight increase in awareness and consideration translates to a 1% boost in future sales. Black adults also demonstrate a remarkable 71% greater likelihood than the general population to purchase products endorsed by influencers, accentuating the resonance of Black creators in driving consumer behavior.


The report offers a comprehensive analysis of Black creators’ impact across key social media platforms from 2020 to 2022, focusing on metrics such as follower growth, engagement, and media value. With insights spanning fashion, lifestyle, and gaming categories, it reveals the outsized media value provided by Black creators compared to their non-Black counterparts. This inaugural report not only celebrates the influence of Black creatives but also underscores the potential for advertisers to authentically collaborate with them to drive business growth in diverse markets.


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