Date your social media

  • By Fanbase App
  • September 1 2022 · 2 min read

At a young age, I was told not to put my eggs in one basket and not to commit till I was ready. That has never been more true, as it comes to social media. More often than not you will navigate to one platform over the other. This could be due to a multitude of circumstances such as reach, functionality, in-app gimmick, etc. All in all, these contribute to your decision, but let me tell you a secret. Just like a freshman in college, you shouldn’t commit to a partner. 


Be versatile with your social media. Some things work better on Instagram that may not work on Twitter. There will always be a rotation of what is popular and what is not. But let me give you a little hint. Why not give people a little tease for your content on your other social media and drive them to your Fanbase page to see the full show? Maybe put it behind a paywall? Don’t give your content out for free. At Fanbase, we encourage you to use your platforms for maximum profit and potential. 


Don’t give out your money for free. Date around and see what you like! Not everything works for everybody, see what works best for you. Make all your other partners jealous of Fanbase. They will want to come back for more.