Fanbase Highlight: Byron Behave

  • By Fanbase User
  • March 27 2023 · 1 min read


Byron “Behave” Blueford, is certainly one of a kind. As a kid Byron aimed to shoot hoops , but ended up shooting videos as the internet sensation, “Byron Behave”. Finding success in the social media landscape through his comedy, Byron has become the Resident In-office Influencer for Fanbase. 

But his duties don’t end there. Byron is the on-camera talent for Fanbase, so whatever you need to know, he is either the voice explaining it, or the man displaying it.   

Blueford is also the host of his own Southside Dash Radio show, “Byron Behave”. Airing every Friday from 6-7, Blueford talks with some of the coolest cats to ever of done it.

“ Having a creative mind, with a platform to express yourself fully is a blessing. When it comes to creating content, always remember what you want to see. Have a child’s mind of wonder, with no limitations on how far you can think, ” said Blueford.

You can find Blueford on Fanbase under his handle, @byronbehave


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