Fanbase investment guide 101

  • By Fanbase User
  • October 18 2022 · 2 min read

Equity, it’s the name of the game. Its importance is monumental. Equity is derived for “equality” and it ensures that everyone receives equal treatment, opportunities, and advancement, all of which align with Fanbase’s very existence. Since our inception, we have been screaming about equality for all creators from the mountain tops. We not only want to reflect that through our app but in our business practices as well. 


We also know that you probably have questions about investing in Fanbase. So I am also here to answer them. 


First things first. “Fanbase” is currently in its seed stage. Fanbase is currently leading the conversation on user equity by allowing anyone to own shares in the platform. We want you to be the most visible spokesperson for a social media platform that allows you to monetize on the front end while also providing equity on the back end. We believe that the value of a social media platform is determined by you, its users. We wouldn’t be here without you. This is why we believe users should be able to invest in the platforms on which they will build so that it can become a billion-dollar business.


But we believe that you should be in the know on your investment, so here is some general information to know. 


When you invest in a company during its seed stage, you can only cash out your investment at a liquidity event. Some examples of that are when the company goes public or is bought.  


We do offer investor incentives, based on how much you put in. To see all of the incentives go to the StartEngine page. 


Finally, don’t forget to ask us questions. There are no “bad questions”. We are eager to respond and want to answer all of your questions.  


Click here to check out our Town Hall Audio Room where you can find out more about investing in Fanbase.