Isaac Hayes III takes on “The Root”.

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  • October 19 2023 · 2 min read


Isaac Hayes III has introduced a solution to address disparities faced by Black content creators on social media platforms. Recognizing the frustration among Black TikTok creators over inequities in earnings and sponsorships, Hayes launched Fanbase, a social media platform where users can follow others for free or subscribe for $4.99 per month to access exclusive content. This model empowers creators to monetize their viral content by placing it behind a paywall. Fanbase has already gained over 103,000 followers on Instagram and aims to disrupt traditional media distribution models, allowing all users, regardless of their background, to thrive in the digital space.

Hayes emphasizes that Fanbase is designed to be inclusive, welcoming creators of all backgrounds. He envisions a platform where discourse and monetization opportunities are open to everyone. While acknowledging the subscription-based content trend, Hayes believes Fanbase can empower a new generation of content creators and help them succeed independently. In an era where technology is replacing jobs, Fanbase aims to provide the infrastructure for artists to turn themselves into stars, emphasizing that monetizing content is vital in this evolving landscape.


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What is Fanbase,

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