Tempest Tuesday sits down with the cast of Starz, “BMF”

  • By Fanbase User
  • January 20 2023 · 2 min read

“BMF” is one of the most talked about shows in recent memory. “BMF” follows the true story of two brothers, Terry and Meech, who emerged from southwest Detroit’s run-down streets in the late 1980s and founded one of the most significant criminal families in American history, followed by their foray into the world of hip-hop in a tale about the pursuit of the American dream with the elements of love, treachery, street culture haunting them. “BMF”, never shies away from the odyssey of “the come-up” through the streets. 


Fanbase’s very own, Tempest Tuesday sat down with series stars, Myles Truitt, and Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr, who portrays his very own father in the series.


Being able to put that type of clothing on and that hairstyle. I feel like I’m back back in that time period, you know, so it was really cool hearing it. Once I got on set, and just realized the trials and tribulations that they went through and reading the script, you know, when understanding the dialogue and just like wow, going in more depth to who they were. It gave me more so even more excited to be a part,” said Myles Truitt, who portrays gang member, “B-Mickie” on the show.  


But as stated, Lil Meech, portrays his own father in the series, an accomplishment and daunting feet for any actor to accomplish,


“ [When] I first got on set. It felt like I was supposed to do this. I first started acting classes, I knew I was going to do it. It’s hard to get in that emotional space, and still be able to be yourself and come back into it. People don’t understand what actors and actresses have to go through just the emotional experiences and it’s draining, tiring, and we barely have time for ourselves. We have to get to know ourselves better than a regular person because we have to please other people,” said Meech.


Season 1 of BMF is now available for streaming now on the Starz app and season 2 airs every friday at 8 PM EST.