Boost Your Bucks in 2024!!!

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  • January 17 2024 · 4 min read

Boost Your Game in 2024!!!

Share your authentic vibe with Flickz. Connect with your perfect audience. Skip the conventional. Perhaps those tactics grabbed attention last year, but times have changed.

With nearly half (46%) of Gen Z glued to the online world — social media has become a bustling marketplace.

Simply maintaining a regular presence, perfecting Flickz transitions, or mirroring the trends won’t cut it. To thrive this year, brands must embody originality, charm, and utility.

If you don’t embody these qualities yet, here are some alternative social media content ideas to explore.

1. Use original audio in Flickz

  • Embrace the possibilities of Flickz by incorporating original audio. The traditional growth tactic of riding the wave of trending audio is a thing of the past. The formula of using a popular audio clip, creating a Flickz, and gaining followers has lost its magic.
  • Sure, you could still opt for a voiceover featuring Michael from The Office, and it might give your Instagram a slight boost. However, in 2024, the spotlight is on original audio content. Unleash your creativity by brainstorming amusing skits or, for the most straightforward Reel, engage with your audience by answering their questions directly.
  • The advantages of using original audio in your Flickz content are numerous:
  • – Captivate your audience, keeping them engaged as they remain uncertain about the outcome (unlike the predictability of trending audio after a few views).
  • – Showcase your creative flair, potentially propelling you into the realm of viral content.

2. Create “how to” content on Fanbase +

How-to content hooks people right away with quick visuals and a specific end result. If you sell a product, show your target audience how to use it — either the “regular way” or something creative.

How “How To” content can help you:

  • Attract new subscribers.
  • Rapidly test to find out what your audience wants to see or learn about most.

3. Start a series

You’ve heard of #ThrowbackThursday and #wealthywednesday on Fanbase but instead of repeating these trends, create your own daily or weekly series. It’s more original, and it’ll make your content planning process easier.

Instead of having to think of three new post ideas for the upcoming week, you’ll already know the format and theme of your series and can get into creating it right away. For max efficiency, keep a running list of all your ideas then pick one to film for the week, or film and schedule them all in bulk a month or more ahead of time.

In-depth educational series work especially well with long-form content on Fanbase + . 

A content series can help you:

  • Build momentum toward a product launch or event.
  • Demonstrate your expertise and earn trust.
  • Keep a consistent publishing schedule.

4. Invest in UGC content

UGC, or “user-generated content,” isn’t new but it’s definitely time to hop on board if you haven’t already. Like influencer marketing, UGC content is created by people instead of the brand, but — traditionally — UGC content comes from unpaid, real customers.

Why bother? Your customers are 2.4 times more likely to interact with UGC vs. brand-created content. Authenticity sells.

Create a hashtag for your customers to use and feature their photos or videos in your feed.

UGC content can help you:

  • Promote your products without seeming too sales-y.
  • Gather diverse assets to repost across your social accounts or use in other content. For example, photos of people of many different ethnicities using your products, or multiple home decor styles, like Wayfair’s example above.

5. Keep it simple

Spicy take: Some businesses are luckier than others when it comes to social media content ideas.

Exhibit A: What type of content is universally adored by everyone, regardless of language, location, culture, demographics, or interests?


The San Diego Zoo doesn’t overthink their social content strategy. People like cute animal videos, so they give them cute animal videos. It’s really that easy sometimes.

Think of what “simple content” looks like for your business. What can you make in 5 minutes or less? Then, make a bunch all at once and bulk schedule up to 350 pieces of content at a time.

Simple content can:

  • Allow for batched production , cutting down content creation time.
  • Appeal to multiple customer types and audiences.


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