Fanbase+ on Web Launches September 4th!

  • By Fanbase User
  • August 31 2023 · 2 min read


Fanbase continues to build the best functionality for every user, allowing more ways to watch, share and create content. Fanbase+ will allow any

user to upload and watch and subscribe to videos directly from the web while seamlessly connected to the app. Upload and watch your favorite

content up to 2 hours in in full HD!

Also, you will now be able to have users pay for content outside the app stores by subscribing direct to you using, Credit Card
*Apple Pay, *G Pay and *PayPal. *(Coming Soon)


Just another way Fanbase is giving you the freedom to be you, without limits!

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What is Fanbase,

For People Who Value Content And CommunityFanbase Is The Next-Generation Social Network That Allows Any User To Earn Money From Day One. Unlike Other Social Apps, Fanbase Is The One Place You Can Truly Be You. #EveryoneHasAFanbase”.

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