Subscription Best Practices

  • By Fanbase User
  • January 20 2024 · 3 min read

Subscription Best Practices


How Can I gain subscribers?

  • Use free content to advertise your exclusive content. Always assume that an exclusive piece of content by itself is not enough to bring eyes to your content.
  • Make your exclusive content valuable to users and different than your free content
  • Consistency in posting will organically grow your subscriber count. Stay consistent and post consistently!

Once I gain subscribers, What should I do?

  • Message your newest subscriber and thank them!
  • Let the users know what exclusive benefits they now have due to subscribing (Exclusive Audio Rooms, stories, posts, etc.)
  • Post consistently .. Come up with a schedule
  • Include your intended content schedule in a message to subscribers
  • Put thought into your posts that make the subscriber feel value is gained from subscribing to you
  • Listen to subscriber feedback
  • Be exciting!

How do I keep my subscribers engaged?

  • Consistency is the main driving factor of value (Would you pay for streaming services if they had no content?)
  • You already have accomplished the hardest part: Getting a Subscriber. Show them why you are worth it!
  • You only add to your revenue stream by providing the value!
  • When was the last time you posted or interacted with your Fanbase? Don’t leave them out!
  • Remind your subscribers about exclusive content happening.

How can I know why a user unsubscribed to me?

  • You can reach out and ask the right questions:
    • Was your content schedule met? This is important!
    • Was your content the same as described you would deliver?
    • Were you engaging with your subscribers?
  • Make note of what you can do to avoid losing future subs! They are your biggest supporters.


I just subscribed to somebody; how can I get the best out of it?

  • Make sure to have your push notifications on so you never miss a post, audio room, or live!
  • Check your subscribed channels.
  • Get familiar with the creator’s content schedule.
  • Why not let them know you subscribed and what you are hoping for?

I just unsubscribed. Is there any valuable info I can provide to avoid the same experience in the future?

  • Reach out to Content Creator or even us and describe why you chose to unsubscribe.
    • Content?
    • Consistency?
    • Monetary reasons?
    • Not active as a user?
    • Forgot I was subscribed?
  • Give constructive feedback to the creator so they can improve!


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