The Big Door Prize

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  • May 10 2023 · 2 min read

Gabrielle Dennis on “The Big Door Prize”.

Hollywood star. Gabrielle Dennis, popped into the Fanbase office to speak about her experience on the Apple TV plus hit show, The Big Door Prize. Dennis sat down with Fanbase Correspondent, Noah Washington to discuss the show, as well as her tenured career. The Big Door Prize,  is a comedy wrapped in magic, featuring a mysterious machine that spits out personal true-life potentials. Taking place in a small town, the show is focused on how people interpret the cards that they receive and how that informs their decision-making.

Dennis, who plays a pivotal role in the show, plays Cass, wife to Chris O’Dowd’s character of Dusty. Dennis cited excitement at being able to work with a talented cast, consisting of Chris O’Dowd, Crystal Fox, and Damon Gupton. Speaking on how each actor was perfectly cast and could hold their own episode.

During the interview, Dennis also discussed how the show reminded her of how the pandemic made everyone reevaluate their lives and how the show’s characters were doing the same- the show made the audience question their own lives and whether they were on the right track.

But what would this scenario look like in real life? During the interview, Dennis responded that she hoped it would be something easy to interpret. However, being a Libra, she enjoys finding fuses and is all over the place, so she would likely come up with 1700 interpretations of the card anyway.

Overall, Gabrielle’s interview provided insight into the world of The Big Door Prize and how the show has resonated with audiences. With a talented cast and unique storyline, The Big Door Prize is a show worth checking out.

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