Khris Davis of “Big George Foreman”.

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  • May 3 2023 · 2 min read

Khris Davis is in the Fanbase Office!

Come on, let’s step into the ring! This month, star of the new film, Khris Davis joined us in the Fanbase Office for a look into his newest film, “Big George Foreman”. He is joined by Fanbase Correspondent, Noah Washington.

In the interview, Davis discusses the audition process, his previous experience with boxing roles, and the physical transformation he underwent to prepare for the role.

Davis recounts how he received an audition request for the film during the early stages of the pandemic. Despite feeling unsure about the opportunity due to the significant amount of material he had to learn, Davis ultimately decided to audition anyway. After several callbacks, Davis landed the role of George Foreman in the film.

As an actor who had previously portrayed a Jack Johnson-type figure in a stage show, Davis saw the role of Foreman as an opportunity to explore the human side of the legendary boxer. Davis sought to showcase Foreman’s personal side, which he felt was underrepresented in popular culture.

Preparing for the role involved intense physical training. Davis worked with Darrell Foster, who specializes in training actors for fight scenes in films. Foster treated the training process as if Davis was training for a heavyweight championship, emphasizing focus and commitment. Davis trained for six hours a day, often waking up early to lift weights before rehearsals began.

Overall, Davis speaks of the role as a transformative experience, both physically and emotionally, as he expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to portray such an iconic figure and to bring a new perspective to his story.

Watch the full interview here.

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