The Conscious Lee!

  • By Fanbase User
  • February 2 2023 · 2 min read


Congratulations to Fanbase’s very own, Conscious Lee for his nomination for an NAACP Image Award! Lee was born and raised in Bryan, Texas, and is an Equity and Inclusion Professional, Education Consultant, Diversity, and Professor. Lee’s experience is vast and wide in the social media space which has led him to high acclaim, such as winning the 2022 YouTube Content Creator of the Year award. Lee is a current Young Turks contributor and member of the YouTube Black Voice Creator Class of 2022. 


Lee is a champion of social causes and inclusion, which lead him to Fanbase in 2021, 


Fanbase is a social media personality that we are empowered not only symbolically, but economically. Fanbase values personalities and small businesses. It’s important to empower creators with their brands and that is the Fanbase goal,” says Lee.


With a bachelor’s in African and African American studies, a master’s in human relations, and a doctorate in adult higher education, this husband, father,  is currently a professor at Widener University. 


Lee is consistently setting the bar for community service and his social media pages reflect his education as well. Lee is constantly educating his community and striving for the betterment of society. 


Currently nominated for the “Outstanding Social Media Personality” for the NAACP Image Award, an award dedicated to outstanding individuals who are doing great things in the online/social media space. 


You can vote for Lee using the link here


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