How to Make Money as a Musician on Fanbase!

  • By Fanbase User
  • August 21 2023 · 2 min read

Fanbase Musician


You can make money utilizing different Fanbase Verticals through various strategies tailored to each vertical’s strengths and features. Here’s how you can leverage them to generate more Love:

  1.) Fanbase Plus:

   – Long form video: Release your Music Video, Docu-series, or any other long-form content you want on Fanbase Plus and rack up those loves!

      – Offer premium content: Use Fanbase Plus’s subscription feature to offer exclusive perks to subscribers for a monthly fee.

 2.) Main feed/stories:

   – Photo posts: Build excitement with your best shots on your main feed.

   –    Teaser ads: Have your Fans waiting in anticipation of your newest release.

– Stories- Create time exclusive rewards within Fanbase stories.


  1. Flickz:

   – Tease: Create teasers from your long-form content in digestible bites.

   – Sound Bytes: Insert your song into compelling content that will spread across the app for others to use!

   4.) Audio Room:

   – Create Conversation: Create an Audio Room and have compelling conversations around your music! Invite your producers, collaborators, or whomever you’d like to speak to your latest and greatest. 

   – Fanbase Live: Receive tips and donations from viewers during live streaming sessions.


5.) Live:

  • Drop an announcement on your story promoting your release with a goal of raising love. Once that goal is reached- drop it like it’s hot!


These are some tips & tricks that can be applied in different Fanbase Verticals, for you to use to maximize your Fanbase presence.


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