How to Make Money as a Musician on Fanbase!

  • By Fanbase User
  • June 12 2024 · 3 min read

Fanbase Musician

 How to Make Money on Fanbase: Leveraging Different Verticals

Fanbase offers multiple verticals to help you generate revenue and engage with your audience in innovative ways. By understanding and utilizing the strengths of each vertical, you can maximize your earnings and deepen your connection with your followers. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to leverage Fanbase’s features:

  1. Fanbase Plus

– Long-Form Video: Share your music videos, docu-series, or any other long-form content on Fanbase Plus to earn more Loves.

– Offer Premium Content: Use Fanbase Plus’s subscription feature to offer exclusive perks to subscribers for a monthly fee, giving your fans more reasons to support you.

  1. Main Feed/Stories

– Photo Posts: Post your best shots on your main feed to build excitement and engagement.

– Teaser Ads: Create anticipation for your upcoming releases with teaser ads that keep your fans eagerly waiting.

– Stories: Use stories to create time-exclusive rewards, encouraging your followers to stay tuned in.

  1. Flickz

– Teasers: Break down your long-form content into short, engaging teasers.

– Sound Bytes: Insert your songs into compelling content that can spread across the app, allowing others to use and share your music.

  1. Audio Room

– Create Conversation: Start an Audio Room to have engaging conversations about your music. Invite producers, collaborators, or other guests to discuss your latest projects.

– Listening Parties in Audio Rooms: Build up listening parties in Fanbase audio rooms. Create a cohesive community experience. Have your participants can engage with your content, offer real-time feedback, and even earn Love as tips and donations.

–  Post the link to your Spotify or Apple music page in your audio room.

  1. Live

– Promote Your Releases: Announce your upcoming releases on your story with a goal of raising Loves. Once you hit your target, drop your new content for your fans to enjoy!

In addition to these monetization strategies, Fanbase is planning exciting new events and features to further support content creators:

– DJ Marathon for Black Music Month: In celebration of Black Music Month, Fanbase is organizing a DJ marathon. DJs will have multiple onboarding seminars to prepare for the event. This marathon aims to engage the community and offer DJs a platform to showcase their talent while earning revenue.


– With improved Live functionality, save your live to our Dynamic search page for others to view long after you are finished.

Fanbase offers a variety of verticals to help you monetize your content and engage with your audience. From Fanbase Plus and Flickz to audio rooms and live streaming, there are numerous ways to earn Loves and build a loyal following. Stay tuned for the upcoming DJ marathon and listening party initiatives, which promise to provide even more opportunities for engagement and revenue generation.



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