“Iwaju”: Exploring Cultural Authenticity and Futuristic Narratives: A Conversation with Dayo Okeniyi. 

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  • March 4 2024 · 3 min read

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Dayo Okeniyi,  the Nigerian-born actor, delves into his latest project, “Iwaju,” as he visits the Fanbase office in Atlanta, Ga.


“Iwaju,” a Disney+ limited series set in a futuristic Nigeria. Okeniyi offers insights of a unique perspective on the show’s cultural significance, creative process, and broader implications for African representation in the global media landscape.

Emphasizing the importance of cultural specificity and authenticity and  highlighting Disney’s unprecedented collaboration with a Pan African animation studio, KugaliMedia to produce the series. Okeniyi expresses pride in being part of a project that showcases Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry, while also addressing social issues such as kidnapping and wealth disparity, “I’m incredibly proud to be part of a project that not only showcases Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry but also addresses important social issues such as kidnapping and wealth disparity,” said Okeniyi.

The actor provides insights into his character,  Tunde, a self-made billionaire grappling with the complexities of parenthood in a rapidly changing society. Okeniyi cites his portrayal reflecting the show’s nuanced exploration of identity, technology, and social dynamics in a futuristic Lagos, “I think what drew me to the character of Tunde was the opportunity to explore the complexities of parenthood in a society that’s undergoing rapid technological and social change,” told Okeniyi. 

Reflecting on the broader implications of “Iwaju,” Okeniyi emphasizes its potential to challenge stereotypes and foster a deeper understanding of African diversity. He discusses his ongoing commitment to seeking out projects that celebrate cultural authenticity and promote forward-looking narratives.

As a multi talented artist, Okeniyi stands at the forefront of a new wave of creators embracing their cultural heritage within the entertainment industry. His involvement in projects like “Iwaju” underscore his commitment to storytelling that authentically represents diverse experiences, particularly those rooted in Africa and subsequently Nigeria. 

With a keen eye for narratives that propel African stories into the global spotlight, Okeniyi’s influence extends beyond acting roles. His creative vision transcends traditional boundaries, shaping conversations around the importance of cultural specificity and forward-looking narratives in entertainment. Okeniyi’s  dedication to bringing fresh perspectives to the forefront of mainstream media serves as an inspiration for future generations of creators seeking to amplify  underrepresented voices in storytelling.

“I think our best years are ahead of us. Any project that looks to the future, you know, in Yoruba, it means forward, future, anything that looks to the future of our people and looks at the future of our diversity and the incredible strength that comes from diversity. Those are the stories that I’m interested in telling,” said Okeniyi. 

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